Steam Moments

Built in Figma, using prototyping for animation and interaction.

Steam Moments is a design concept of an addition to the Steam client, inspired by Twitch clips and fun, bite-sized, gameplay that's created and enjoyed by the Steam community.

This project is the result of an exploration in researching, designing, and better understanding Steam's visual identity, as well as popular trends regarding content-sharing experiences.


Seamlessly record the last 30 seconds of gameplay with a simple keyboard shortcut or in the Steam overlay.


When opening the Steam overlay, or after exiting your game, have the option to remember your moment by uploading it to your profile with a title, description, and option to make public.


Browse a directory of others' moments just like yours. Discover new ways to play games or discover a new game you've never seen before.


Engage with a moment. Leave a comment, share it with your friends, add it to your favorites, and continue making moments.