My name is Denver and I'm a Visual Designer. I'm based in the rainy state of Washington and have lived here my whole life!

When I need to take a step back from design, you can find me playing video games, cooking, writing music, or enjoying a good movie.

I get most of my inspiration from my natural experience with design. Whether it's finding frustration with a game's UI or being drawn to a particular website, it's internally identifying "why" in a kind of passive absorption of design.

(I'm really not this cool, I'm super awkward, but in a charming way)

Background & Education

I graduated as an Interactive Web Designer, although I was a "student of design" long before college. It started when I entered logo design contests as a kid. After winning my first contest I earned $200, then thought to myself, "Holy shit, I might be able to make a living doing something I actually enjoy!".

Professional Life

My colleagues say that I pick things up very quickly and can break apart complex ideas into simple, more easily digestible, pieces. It's the process of understanding which is vital to effective communication, and thus design.

Currently, I'm working in marketing and design agencies alongside tight-knit teams, where I'm strengthening brands for a variety of different clients.

I'll always see myself as a student of life, so I'm constantly looking for opportunities to learn and grow. To meet new people, experience new things, and find inspiration wherever it may be.