A simple, unique, and unforgettable mark that's incredibly versatile and easily ingrained in the mind



Logo design for GeneratePress, a WordPress theme with over 1 million downloads.

It can be difficult to design a logo for something with no physical representation. You don't have any objects to base your design on, so I decided to use the letters G and P in a unique, but pleasant, shape.

I originally made the design into a cog/gear to represent the creation of the WordPress theme, but we decided it would be better to keep it simple and to the point.

10 YEN


Logo design for 10 YEN, a sushi and ramen bar in Harwich Port, Massachusetts.

The client wanted a minimal design with a hint towards sushi/ramen and Japanese aesthetic.

I decided to experiment with a kind of brush stroke for the design and while experimenting with different shapes, I realized how perfect the "10" looked. Not only is it the number 10 as is used in the name 10 YEN, but it's also a bowl and chopsticks or a plate and chopsticks, which ties into the sushi/ramen. I then put the text "TEN YEN" inside of the bowl/on the plate because that's the main dish so to speak. I used red to tie into the Japanese aesthetic.


Logo design for BlazeGuard, a cybersecurity company based in Australia.

Immediately after reading "BlazeGuard", I visualized a flame and shield. Now to just actually design it.

I started with a shield and added flames to the top of it, but something didn't sit right with me. I redesigned the logo by starting with the flame first and forming a shield from that shape. This gave more emphasis on the flame/"Blaze" aspect of the design, which I think is good because that's what sets this design apart from any other security company logo with a shield. I added some shading to the flame to give it more depth and make it look more like a shield. Without that shading, it just looked like a pointy flame. I used orange because I obviously wanted to tie into fire/flames, but I often feel like red is too passionate or aggressive. Since this is a security company, I felt like the joy and hopefulness that comes with the color orange was a nice balance to the seriousness of a security company.


Logo design for KinematicSoup, a software development company based in Canada.

I was given an isometric cube to be the main focus of this design. The cube represented the "kinematic" part of KinematicSoup. Now I just had to think of how to visualize the "soup" aspect.

After tinkering around with very abstract representations, I asked myself, "Why not actually use soup?". I imagined the cube as a physical container, like you would put leftover soup into, and ran with that. I designed to cube in a kind of thin outline with the soup being a bright, rich, orange filling the inside. I used orange because it often evokes passion the same way that red does, but more hopeful and happy with a warm feeling like you get from soup, versus the passion/aggression that comes with red.

Almost Never Films

Logo design for Almost Never Films, a film production/finance company based in Los Angeles, California.

I was given two symbols to create a design out of. ≈ to represent "almost" and ≠ to represent "never".

Immediately, I tried to combine both of the symbols into one. You can put them side-by-side to represent "almost never", but it's almost always better to have less when you can in logo design. I noticed that there were already some obvious similarites in both of the symbols, such as two horizontal lines that are parallel. So, I combined the two in a simple design and put it in the negative space of a square in a kind of layered style.